Our Dentists, Dental Surgeons and Specialists

Be careful if you are mainly looking for an experienced doctor. “Experience” may consist of doing the same thing over and over without changes or modifications to take into account new knowledge. This might not best serve patients. Dentistry and medicine in general is constantly evolving and few things remain static. To keep doing something one way “because it’s always been done that way” is not always the best way to practice. For this reason, we strongly believe that each doctor from our team has to have the willness to improve the way that our dental procedures are perfomed and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques in dentistry.

Founded in 1999

  • Affordable dental treatments.
  • Average savings of 70% in all dental procedures compared to US prices
  • Foreign patients from more than 20 countries have been treated since 2006

The Facility:

  • Modern dental facilities and strategically located in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Our new location with more than 6460 square feet including Dental Clinic, Laboratory, International Patient Center
  • Call Center and Administrative Department
  • 8 operatory rooms

The Staff:

  • 6 permanent doctors in general dentistry
  • 4 on-demand specialists and surgeons
  • 12 dental assistants
  • 12 experienced and dedicated dental lab technicians
  • Expertise in restorative and cosmetic dentistry
  • Bilingual & professional dental team - Portuguese, Italian and French are also spoken by some of our team members


  • Doctors affiliated to ADA, AAID, ICOI, and CCDCR
  • Internationally accredited by AAAASF
  • Locally accredited by PROMED
  • Active members of CANATUR and PROMED

The Technology:

  • The latest and most advanced dental technology (CAD/CAM dental system and 3D advanced dental imaging)
  • The latest and most-technologically advanced dental implants technology
  • Own state-of the-art full service on-site dental laboratory


  • Dr. Mario Bonilla

    Dr. Mario Bonilla

    Dr. Bonilla continuously attends various dental conferences in both Costa Rica and the United States in order to stay updated…

  • Dr. Alejandra Quesada

    Dr. Alejandra Quesada

    Dr. Quesada is the doctor in charge of the tomography department, and led a training workshop on 3D dental tomography…

  • Dr. Roberto H. Valerin

    Dr. Roberto H. Valerin

        Dr. Roberto Hernandez Valerin, D.D.S. serves as an Endodontic Specialist at many major dental clinics and has been…

  • Dr. Vielka Paniagua

    Dr. Vielka Paniagua

    Dr. Paniagua earned a degree in surgical treatments, root canals and dental pathology. In addition to that, she has led…

  • Dr. Andrea Nuñez

    Dr. Andrea Nuñez

    She has worked as a dentist not only in private clinics in Costa Rica, but also in Texas, USA. Dr.…

  • Dr. Vivian Garita

    Dr. Vivian Garita

          Dr. Garita is part of our team of dentists since 2010.   She speaks English, Spanish and…


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