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GLOBAL DENTAL: A Dental Tourism Group on which you can Rely

With skyrocketing medical costs, many are discovering the advantages of traveling for certain healthcare procedures, but some may find the thought intimidating. We take the worry out of traveling, so you can concentrate on your health while we will help you with your travel plans.

Our dedicated team combines all of your specific medical needs, choices, religious and cultural expectations into a tailor made experience that makes you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Quality of Care and High Medical Standards

Global Dental specializes in dental treatment by board-certified physicians. All clinics and hospitals displayed in our global network are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) or/and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery (AAAAS).

Why is dental and cosmetic tourism growing quickly in Costa Rica?

The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Costa Rica as one of the top three countries providing the highest quality of dental surgery in the world, including several hospitals that earned the gold seal accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). Hundreds of top-notch board-certified surgeons in cosmetic, orthopedic or reconstructive surgery, among others, also continue to attract over 50,000 patients per year.

The United Nations has ranked Costa Rica’s public health system within the top 20 worldwide and the #1 in Latin America.

Premium Assistance

  • Connection with highly experienced medical teams
  • Pre travel medical opinion
  • Coordination of your pre and postoperative medical exams & consultations
  • Coordination of your Surgery/treatment appointments
  • Consultations with the surgeon
  • Administrative assistance
  • Discounted airfare & hotels
  • Organizing local tours
  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • Visa help if needed

Dental Tourism - Recent News

New Smile Dental Group - Costa Rica

Strategically located in San Jose, Costa Rica, our dental center in Costa Rica is devoted to providing the most comprehensive range of gentle, technologically advanced dental options available in our field at affordable prices.

Our team is committed in providing first class dental services in our state-of-the-art practice. The staff of highly skilled, dedicated and well-trained professionals endeavors to deliver the dental care that best meet our patients needs.

What our Clients say

These are just a few of the things our customers have said about the work we have done and the service they received.

  • testimonial-3

    I contacted and had my dental work done in the clinic at new smile… couldn’t be happier. For the length of time and the cost of the full mouth crown and bridges it saved me more money then I could ever believe. Personal attention and expert workmanship made the experience worthwhile. I have personally given out information to several of my friends and associates..The recovery time is very short compared to the versions I've heard of in the states. Thank you New Smile.

    William Lorek, Human Resource Management

  • testimonial-2

    Would I do it again? Yes. Would I recommend New Smile to a friend or family member? Yes. I've recommended this clinic to many friends & family. Almonds, walnuts & pistachios can always be found in my pantry now, because I find sheer joy in crunching those little nuggets of protein between my implanted molars. I find food more flavorable now because of my increased chewing capacity & efficiency.

    Karen Grove, Food and Beverages

  • testimonial-1

    Thank you for the excellent service in providing me with immediate load implants. I am very happy with my new teeth. They have much improved my smile, they are fully functional, and I have had no pain or difficulty with them whatsoever. The excellent doctors at New Smile Costa Rica took very efficient care of me.

    Mark Dreger, ENT Department